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Discover intelligence
with Geospatial Technology

We are the expert trusted by experts

We bring you efficiency and effectiveness solutions

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is our expertise

Geospatial Intelligent

We are dedicated to bring a geospatial intelligent world where people can live conveniently and get benefit in all their daily activities.


We constantly engage latest technology and deliver innovated quality services for our clients.

Best Solutions

We have over 10 years of experience in GIS industry, we understand the needs and can give you the best solutions.

We are interested in innovating with you!

We are open to trial projects, POC/feasibility study projects for applying geospatial technology in any application, including remote sensing, ai, IoT, map creation…..etc

For small innovation projects that can lead to exciting applications, the price starts at USD 10k. 

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GeoXperts here!

Senior GIS Consultant

Dr. Shea


Hong Kong PolyU

Senior GIS Consultant

Dr. Nadeem

Post-Doctor Researcher

Dakota University

Let Us Help You with Geospatial Technology

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