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Accelerate project delivery,
enhance collaboration,
delight clients

A collaborative drone data platform
to deliver insights and empower clients

Work hand in hand with your clients

Full resolution everywhere,
for everyone

Let your clients browse the data at the highest definition, even on a phone, tablet or personal laptop.


No more need to sacrifice quality when delivering results to your clients. Thanks to smart tile rendering, files of several gigabytes can be shown on any device at full resolution.

Man Using Smart Tablet

Real-time collaboration with your clients

Collaborate with your clients on the same files and at the same time. Reduce chances of unmet expectations

Simply share a public link or a secured private invitation and start collaborating. Annotate the map, comment on a feature or a measurement, share your screen etc.

Online insights creation

Measurements, contours, index maps, automated report generation are directly in the cloud.


You only have to focus on what matters: asset inspection, surveying, and progress tracking. We do the rest.

Lake Drone

Integrate with your favorite tools

Seamlessly integrate with your current softwares and processes

You use different photogrammetry softwares for different types of project? GeoXpert can import and export most common file formats (.tif, .shp, .geojson, .obj, .dxf, etc.) or even serve online resources (wms, wmts, and wfs). 


Showcase your work and earn bids

Embed projects of yours on your webpage​, let clients appreciate your skills


Let potential clients interact with some projects of yours and appreciate the results you can deliver.

Computer with Graph

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