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卓恩基地 x DataXquad: Giving the drone industry more application value

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For drone pilots, entering the drone application industry will be a considerable challenge, requiring basic operation skills and a combination of diverse skills, and the right mindset to find a suitable position. In this age of information explosion, information related to the drone pilot industry is scattered on countless websites, which may give you some direction but not necessarily the "right direction."

卓恩基地 is a community network that promotes nationwide drone flight. It is dedicated to deepening the value of drone flight in various industries. In the future, DataXquad will have further exchanges and cooperation with 卓恩基地, and through their respective expertise, the drone industry will become more valuable.

The most important value of drones lies in their efficient flight and streamlined process for obtaining aerial data and integrating it into industry solutions.

By James, the founder of 卓恩基地

Drone & Data transformation

Drones can capture high-quality images and other data from an aerial perspective and hard-to-reach areas, with the following five major applications


The aerial images from the drones allow customers or operators to see what is happening on-site.


An advanced version of the aerial image also provides a direct view of the scene.


720° contains both horizontal and vertical images.


Since the drone itself is equipped with GPS, the collected data will have elevation data, so it can be integrated with airborne data to form an orthophoto map and converted into an elevation map, allowing you to know the elevation direction of the map.

3D model

The data twins, or "data copies", are integrated by using hundreds or thousands of aerial images taken by drones, and are highly immersive and visible.

Individually, it doesn't seem to be able to do much, but if it is integrated into an integrated presentation, it will be a highly immersive data exploration experience.

The drone is not the focus, the drone pilot is the core of the air data project

It looks straightforward, but the operation is not the same thing. Aerial data has a higher risk than simple aerial photography, and one must be very attentive at all times, as there is a high probability that the drone will fall to the ground in the next second.

As a result, 卓恩基地's pilots have gone through their own "S.T.A.R. Efficient Flight Training" program and are highly operational and capable of flying on a variety of projects.

卓恩基地 is an air partner and DataXquad is a data partner

Through drone flights and innovative thinking, 卓恩基地 hopes to help our customers create more value for their owners and to drive the development of drone flights. We hope that through the DataXquad image data transformation platform, more people will be able to easily enjoy the value brought by data. This partnership will greatly enhance the value and application of the data chain, and we believe it will bring many benefits to our customers, including the ability to make more informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

We are very pleased to work with 卓恩基地, and we will have further cooperation in the future, which will bring more comprehensive assistance to drone pilots, customers, and the industry in different forms.

Together, stronger

We believe that teamwork is a powerful force to be reckoned with. We are looking forward to more opportunities for innovation and creative technology applications!

If you share the same philosophy as we do, please add our official Line account to communicate with us!


For image processing and data transformation, DataXquad meets all your needs!

DataXquad is a Pay-Per-Use online image data transformation service platform that can meet all procedures without use costs. We simplify the most complicated part of image data transformation so that more image data can be utilized and more industry chains can derive value from it.

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