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ZeroDimension x DataXquad:Integration of AI models with data transformation portal

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It all started in Taichung

Back in 2021, DataXquad was about to be born and was looking for a suitable location in Taichung. At the same time, we met and formed a partnership with ZeroDimension.

After a few interactions, we became familiar with each other's culture, ideals, and plans, and were surprised to find that we share a common vision! Our starting point is to use technology innovation to nurture more possibilities of value realization.

About ZeroDimension

It is formed by a group of young people who love to innovate and serve society with the latest digital technology and the concept of innovation.

Artificial intelligence, intelligent Internet of Things, robots, machine learning, and data science are all service areas, and they are committed to developing solutions in the area of smart manufacturing.

Integration of AI models: Object removal

In the field of aerial survey, the number of images collected during a flight mission is very large, and if we want to leave important and valuable information and remove unnecessary objects, we can only do the image processing manually, which will consume a lot of time and manpower.

Before & After GAN result
Before & After GAN result

Our partner, ZeroDimension, has developed an efficient and practical AI model that not only automates the removal of objects from photos, but also intelligently replaces the removed parts with GAN, and can now recognize up to 80 types of objects.

DataXquad's online data transformation portal integrates pre-processing, photogrammetry, and AI analysis, reducing hardware and software costs and optimizing the data transformation process. We will integrate the AI model developed by ZeroDimension with the portal to enhance the value of data and create a more comprehensive data transformation ecology!

Together, stronger

We believe that teamwork is a powerful force to be reckoned with. We are looking forward to more opportunities for innovation and creative technology applications!

If you share the same philosophy as we do, please add our official Line account to communicate with us!


For image processing and data transformation, DataXquad meets all your needs!

DataXquad is a Pay-Per-Use online image data transformation service platform that can meet all procedures without use costs. We simplify the most complicated part of image data transformation so that more image data can be utilized and more industry chains can derive value from it.


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