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Your Own Digital Twin & Map Data Platform

Highly integrated

Powerful analysis and display

Easily manage and collaborate

Highly Integrated

Powerful analysis and display 

Easily manage and collaborate


Support 3D, LiDAR, CAD, BIM, IoT etc

Measurement, comparison and other analysis function

User access and permission control

Well-documented API

Other Software

Can't use your own logo

Support only a few 2D, 3D formats

Most have only measurement functions

No user management


Supported Formats

Digital terrain models

3D textured mesh and reality models

Smart cities and Cesium 3D Tiles links from Cesium ion or other providers

3D scanner, LiDAR and point cloud

CAD drawings and vector data

Imagery (orthomosaic, satellite imagery, inspection photos)

IoT live sensor data

BIM 3D models and designs

External WMS links from opendata or other providers(e.g. Cadastre, utilities, geology, geophysics, etc.)

Early bird offer with limited quota until 3/31,
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