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1 minute to understand the application of drones in the construction industry !

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卓恩基地 is a community network that is passionate about bringing the value of drones to various industries. In the future, DataXquad will collaborate with them to make drone industry applications more and more valuable.

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drone & construction
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In most of our awareness, "drone" is a cool aerial photography toy and a professional-grade photography tool to see the world from a different perspective; more importantly, it is widely used in agriculture, energy, public safety, media, infrastructure, construction, and other fields to enhance work efficiency, reduce costs, replace manual high-risk job functions, and collect aerial photography data and solutions with intelligent, high-definition aerial photography perspectives.

The construction industry has led to the reality of high consumption and low efficiency due to its long building construction cycle, high resource consumption, and large building volume.

The application of drones in the construction industry not only helps to improve construction quality, speed up construction progress, and reduce some costs, but also makes the construction industry informative, industrialized, and intelligent.

drone & construction
Image source: 卓恩基地

Application: Mapping

At any stage of the construction project, it is necessary to carry out mapping. The traditional method of surveying and mapping is done manually on the ground, and then based on the measured data, a topographic map is drawn, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Compared with the traditional mapping method, the use of drones is less labor-intensive and requires only one person to control and process the captured images to form a complete topographic map, which is not only fast and accurate. Therefore, the drone is very suitable for the following scenarios:

3d models
Image source: 卓恩基地
  • Town planning and management

  • Road construction (including railroad)

  • Construction site surveys

  • Construction design and site selection

Application: Construction process management

The construction site is set up for real-time monitoring according to the demand, to obtain monitoring video and audio information, to provide management decision suggestions for site managers through computing, to retrieve historical construction site information, to connect to alarm devices to send alarms, etc. Therefore, drones can also be specifically applied to

construction survey
Image source: 卓恩基地
  • Security management

  • Progress management

  • Quality management

  • Civilized construction and image promotion

  • Pre-construction preparation

  • On-site measurement

  • New technology joint


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